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Grand Niagara GC News

July Recap: A great month of weather had our corporate play and golf events spike at Grand Niagara. The visit by Matt Denzer, Director of Instruction at the David Leadbetter Golf Academy, was very well received and had our members and guests improving their game and enjoying themselves during the three days of clinics and private lessons. To recap a few noteworthy events, on July 26th we hosted the Niagara Men’s Tour with 64 golfers battling it out. On July 28th the Niagara Junior Tour took over the course seeing 78 Juniors doing their best to beat the heat and enjoy their day. On July 29th we hosted the Sherwin Williams VIP Annual Golf Event, a great time had by all, and we look forward to next year’s event!

August News and Events: On August 6th the MCA of Ontario & Procon Niagara Event took place. August 6th & 7th we hosted the Scotty Cameron Canadian Golf Convention and VIP Event; this marks their fourth annual return to the course. The first annual Grand Niagara GC Junior Golf Clinic was hosted on Sunday August 9th. This was well received thanks to Grand Niagara Assistant Professional’s Caleb and Bryant for hosting. The rest of August’s calendar is sprinkled with small VIP groups and events throughout.

In House: Congratulations to Grand Niagara Staff Member Bryant Doerrsam who completed his playing ability test with the PGA of Canada. One step closer to pursuing Professional status with the PGA!

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Bob Culig’s Tip on ’Against the Collar‘ Shots

“Against the collar” - A ball sitting on the fringe of the putting green directly up against the rough.

Picture this - you are playing a Saturday morning game at the Club when an easy approach into the par 5 ends up releasing through the green and nestles right up against the collar. Most golfers do not have a game plan for this particular shot and end up making a poor decision that will hurt their score and possibly derail a good round. Here are a couple tips to consider so you can make a good decision and hit this shot without hesitation.

A putter being used the way it was designed to be used will likely not work when your ball is against the collar. Your backstroke will be impeded by your lie. However, if you are set on using the flatstick, take the putter and rotate it 90 degrees so that the toe of your putter is facing the ball. Take a stroke and let the toe hit the ball. Notice your backswing is no longer impeded and the ball will start rolling towards the hole. Try it, it works!

However if that method is a little too drastic for you, here’s a more common one. Grab your Rescue or Hybrid club. I prefer this option over hitting a Fairway Wood or using the blade of your Sand or Pitching Wedge as the Rescue club has a nice loft and cuts through the rough behind your ball most effectively. So grab your Rescue club and use the same stroke, grip and stance as if you were hitting a putt. The loft of the club will pop the ball from the lie and get the ball rolling in a controlled manner. Try this shot, you will be pleasantly surprised!

There is no right way to hit this shot, so practice is key. Take some balls and spend a good time experimenting with these different techniques, with different lies and different clubs and find out what works best for you.

Until next time, good golfing!

Bob Culig PGA, Head Golf Professional

Course Conditions: Etiquette Reminder

For this report I thought I would focus on some golf course etiquette issues. As we get into the middle of August the turf on greens is getting tired after the stress from heat and drought associated with summer weather. This means that the root system is at its weakest point and the turf is looking forward to the cooler fall weather and aeration. Damage to greens can be very noticeable this time of year, most notably from ballmarks and from the dragging of feet. Even soft spiked golf shoes can do considerable damage if the feet are dragged on the greens surface. Poorly repaired or unrepaired ballmarks can take weeks to properly heal. The illustration below shows the proper ballmark repair method for optimum healing:

In addition to the greens, the usual golf issues of bunker raking and repairing or replacing divots are prevalent. On a course like Grand Niagara with its very large bunkers, spending a few minutes to properly smooth the sand is most helpful to following players. We stress a very smooth surface to our maintenance crew and it is surprising how poorly this task is performed by some golfers. Please show respect for the course and other players; make sure to properly repair ballmarks on the green, rake bunkers and replace your divots.

Thank you and enjoy the course!

John Taylor, Property Manager & Golf Course Superintendent

Riverside Grill: New Grilled Sausages!

Many of you have commented over the past two seasons about the little things we do to make your visit to the Riverside Grill just a little more enjoyable. I’m talking little things here - like our home made Summer Relish and Chili Ketchup. They always get great comments and make our hotdogs ever better. New at the toppings bar you will find our delicious Grainy Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce. So what would I put that on you ask? Well, we have now added to our line up a Grilled Sausage. However, this is no average sausage. The Pingue family is famous in food circles around Ontario. Their company Niagara Specialty Meats has been making wonderful products used by some of Canada’s top Chefs for almost two decades. To see a thousand or so prosciuttos hanging in their facility, nearly brings a tear to my eye. Well it is the trim from that very prosciutto that goes into the Fennel and Spice Sausage that we now proudly serve!

So drop in and discover the difference that a local artisan producer makes. It is so good that you can eat it absolutely plain, but if you heaped it up with some of our homemade toppings we won’t tell the Pingue’s, but they’d understand.


Chef Mark Hand, Food & Beverage Director

Rules of Golf: Ball in the Hazard

As the 2015 PGA Championship returns to Whistling Straights this year, we are reminded of the famous incident from the 2010 PGA Championship where Dustin Johnson, with a one shot lead, grounded his 4-iron in the sand before hitting his approach shot to the 18th green. Dustin was unaware that this sandy area in the fescue was in fact a bunker and was penalized two shots after the round which cost him a spot in the playoff won by Martin Kaymer.

If situations and errors like this can happen to the best players in the world, it can certainly happen to you! Here’s a refresher on the rule:

Rule 13-4 Ball in Hazard; Prohibited Actions

Before making a stroke at a ball that is in a hazard (whether a bunker or a water hazard) the player must not:

  • Test the condition of the hazard or any similar hazard
  • Touch the ground in the hazard or water in the water hazard with one’s hand or club
  • Touch or move any loose impediment lying in or touching the hazard
The penalty for breach of rule is:
  • Match Play, loss of hole
  • Stroke Play, Two shot penalty
Enjoy watching the PGA Championship this weekend and stay out of the hazards!

Kevin Poole PGA, Director of Golf

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