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Grand Niagara GC News

Previous Events: Our Titleist Demo Day on July 12th was very well attended and received. The 2-day Scotty Cameron Canadian Convention on July 18 & 19 saw 60 putter collectors battle the elements and have a great time. Rumor has it that close to $250,000 of putter equipment, head covers and swag was shown during the concluding dinner on Saturday evening. The Niagara Men’s Tour rolled in on July 20th; congratulations to winner Zach Soccio-Marandola who defeated the 70 golfer field with a great score of -1 (71). August 5th we hosted the GTA AM Tour’s Pixelcarve Open; It was a great day had by all! Click here for some great pictures of the event.

Upcoming Schedule: The Niagara District PGA Tournament is taking place on August 18th, the Niagara Roadbuilders VIP Golf Event is on August 21st, on August 26th is the Fidelity Investments VIP Golf Event, and the AFSSN ‘Fore the Kids’ Annual Charity Golf Event is on August 27th.

Grand Niagara GC has been ranked 83rd in Canada on ScoreGolf’s Top 100 Canadian Courses list!

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Bob Culig’s Tip on Mastering Bunker Play

Like all shots, a bunker shot requires good technique and the use of proper equipment. For green-side bunker shots I favour a sand wedge with 56 degrees of loft and a sharp leading edge. Ball position will be middle to back of the stance depending on the lie. I hit behind the ball a good inch to inch and a half with a descending blow, splashing the sand out of the bunker. The club must continue through the sand and out the other side. Do not stop the club in the sand, follow through!

All green-side bunker shots however, are not this straight forward. How many good rounds are spoiled by the dreaded ‘fried egg’ lie in the bunker? Many golfers don’t practice these types of shots so many questions arise when found in this position. Do you use the same technique as a regular bunker shot, same club and stance? My club of choice for these shots will again be the 56 degree sand wedge. I de-loft the club (shutting down the face) giving it a look similar to a 9 or 8-iron. The ball is put at the back of my stance. The backswing is steeper, and the descending blow is directly behind the ball. After contact with the sand/ball, I stop the club dead in its tracks. The force of the blow in combination with the sand will make the ball pop out of this horrid lie and hopefully onto the putting surface.

Brutal lies in the bunker call for specialized shots. Throw a bunch of balls into the bunker, step on a few, give yourself down-hill, side-hill, up-hill lies, etc., and remembering my tip figure out how to hit all the shots you hope to never get on the course!

Bob Culig PGA, Head Golf Professional

Grand Niagara GC Introduces Flexible Membership

Our Flexible Membership is designed to suit the modern lifestyles of those whose working and family life leaves them with little time to play golf and cannot justify the full subscription of a traditional membership. It also serves as an ideal Membership for those trying member golf for the first time.

This Membership offers a number of advantages. Being able to be fully involved with the club, friendly games during the week or on weekends with like-minded members, as well as a handicap, full access to the golf course, practice facility, locker room and the ability to enjoy all club events.

A $750 Membership fee will give each member 75 credits. Each credit has a value of $10. Credits are redeemed for rounds of golf at various redemption levels based on time of season, day of week and time of day.

Credits can be carried forward to the following year if the membership is renewed. Credits can also be used for cart rentals, Pro Shop purchases and food & beverage purchases.

For further information call the Pro Shop today!

Course Conditions: Demoing the Ventrac Mower

Superintendents are always looking for ways to do our jobs more efficiently. Recently, I had a chance to demo a new 8-wheeled articulating trim mower called the Ventrac which specializes in trimming around bunkers and slopes. After being told the mower’s instructions I jumped aboard, strapped on the seatbelt and let it rip! I am extremely skeptical when it comes to a lot of the claims that sales people make in the golf industry, but this new mower met and exceeded every expectation I had.

The Ventrac is designed to mow up to a 30 degree slope. If you have never sat on a mower on such a slope, I can assure you it is not for the faint of heart! So off I mowed, pushing the degree of each slope I tried, looking back once and a while at the salesman to see if he would wave me off a particular area, but he did not. The Ventrac performed very well, I never felt the threat of tipping and it mowed every nook and cranny perfectly.

Next year I can definitely see the Ventrac being a great addition to Grand Niagara’s already impressive equipment lineup!

John Taylor, Property Manager & Golf Course Superintendent

The Top 10 Lucky Bounces on the PGA Tour

We all know that PGA Tour players are the most skilled golfers in the world. But, as the video below proves, the old saying of “it’s better to be lucky than good” can always apply to any caliber of golfer!

Here’s a video of the top 10 lucky bounces on the PGA Tour:

Click here to watch!

Kevin Poole PGA, Director of Golf

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