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2014 Grand Niagara GC Membership Programs

Exclusive Opportunity: The first 100 golfers to purchase an Unlimited Golf Membership will not pay the future initiation fee.

Unlimited Golf Membership:$2,975 for unlimited season play

  • (Add-on) Spousal Unlimited Golf Membership: $1,475
  • (Add-on) Intermediate Unlimited Golf Membership: $1,000
  • (Add-on) Junior Unlimited Golf Membership: $475

No restrictions to play, 2 cart plan options, $20 off guest fees, account with signing privileges, 10% off Golf Shop purchases, unlimited practice.

Weekday Golf Membership:$2,295 for unlimited weekday play

  • (Add-on) Spousal Weekday Golf Membership: $1,150
  • (Add-on) Intermediate Weekday Golf Membership: $800
  • (Add-on) Junior Weekday Golf Membership: $375

Unlimited play on weekdays, 2 cart plan options, $15 off guest fees, account with signing privileges, unlimited practice.

For more information about our 2014 Memberships or Add-on Memberships please contact: Bob Culig, Head Professional (905) 384-4653 Ext. 222; bob@grandniagaragolf.com

Riverside Grill

Homemade Pulled Pork and a Cold Beer… Hello Fall!

Most red blooded Canadians love BBQ and there is no better time to enjoy it than on a beautiful fall day. That’s why we are making up a big batch of pulled pork to feature as our daily sandwich at the Riverside Grill.

We start by making our dry spice rub which we then smother fresh pork shoulders with. Then it’s out to “old smokey” for about 5 hours of low smoking over a mixture of charcoal and wood. Next, the pork shoulders are put overnight in an extremely low oven and the process is complete, well except for the pulling and the making of our signature sauce… but that’s for another time! Grab a Rees Jones Red Lager or a Grand Niagara Blonde, feast on the best pulled pork around and enjoy autumn golf at its best!

Chef Mark Hand, Food & Beverage Director

Bob Culig's Tip on Hitting Off Undulated Lies

Sidehill, uphill, downhill, hanging lies – these are all examples of different (trouble) lies that we can experience on the golf course. Lies like these may not be considered common but you should be prepared so when you are faced with this challenge you are ready.

A good rule of thumb with any different lie is that we should use the hill (the grade of the slope) to our advantage. Let’s consider an uphill lie in the fairway. With the ball facing uphill, we should position the ball forward in our stance and move the hands slightly forward. Your weight should be distributed slightly to the back foot and the swing path should match the lie or grade at which the ball lies. Doing this will prevent you from hitting the ball fat or down into the uphill lie.

A hanging lie that has the ball above our feet is another common occurrence. A simple rule to follow is that a ball above our feet will always fly left of the target for the right handed golfer. As a result, when aiming at your target ensure that the swing path starts to the right of the target and have the club finish high and in proper balance. The lie itself will create a right to left action on the ball.

Undulated lies call for much practice to be prepared for whatever the course throws at you. Wishing you all good golfing!

Bob Culig PGA, Head Golf Professional

Grand Niagara GC’s Director of Golf, Kevin Poole

“My father was a long time member at Lookout Point CC in Fonthill and my progression through the ranks of the golf business started there. My first job was as a caddy at Lookout, then I worked in the Pro Shop, next I turned Professional and served my apprenticeship under the tutelage of Ontario Golf Hall of Fame member Gordon McInnis Sr. I was then fortunate to spend 2 years at Cherry Hill Club in Ridgeway with the position of Associate Professional serving under Master PGA Professional Tony Evershed.

In 1983 I was hired as the Head Professional at Twenty Valley in Vineland. I spent 12 years in this role followed by 5 years in the position of Director of Golf. Following that, I spent 4 years as the Director of Golf at Hunters Pointe in Welland during the opening stages of the facility. It was very exciting to be involved with the start-up of a new golf course and was great career experience. After a couple years of teaching in Niagara including Legends on the Niagara I accepted the position of Director of Golf at the critically acclaimed Ridge at Manitou in Parry Sound. I was fortunate to spend 5 years at this tremendous Thomas McBroom designed course.

After moving back to Niagara last fall I was very excited to be hired as the Director of Golf at Grand Niagara GC. It is truly rewarding to be part of the management team at one of the best courses in Canada and to be involved with formulating the direction that Grand Niagara will be taking in the coming years. I have been a proud member of the Canadian PGA for over 40 years and I continue to enjoy playing, teaching and growing the great game of golf!”

Kevin Poole, Director of Golf

Rules of Golf

Justin Rose lands one of the strangest penalties you’ll ever see at the 2013 BMW Championship.

On Saturday at the BMW Championship, Justin Rose was simply trying to post a score to help him move up the leaderboard. The 2013 U.S. Open champion was 3 under heading into the par 5, 14th hole, and that’s when an interesting scenario arose. Rose was preparing for an approach shot, hopping to add another birdie and really make a move at Conway Farms, but he took a divot on his practice swing that ended up hitting his golf ball, causing the ball to move and forced Rose to take a penalty stroke. Rose ended up making a bogey on the hole, posting a third round 69 to sit well back of the leaders after 54 holes.

Golf has plenty of strange penalties, but this one can really frustrate you if it happens.Click here to see the video!

Kevin Poole, Director of Golf

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