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Grand Niagara G.C. News

Upcoming Schedule: On September 11th we are hosting 144 golfers playing in the Enbridge Gas & United Way Event.

Congratulations to Grand Niagara’s Assistant Professional Caleb Ellis on winning the St. Catharines Pro Am in a playoff after firing a six under par 66!

World renowned and Grand Niagara GC golf course architect Rees Jones to be honored with Don A. Rossi Award. Click here to read about this prestigious award and Rees Jones.

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2014 Grand Niagara GC Membership Programs

Unlimited Golf Membership: $2,975 for unlimited season play

  • (Add-on) Spousal Unlimited Golf Membership: $1,475
  • (Add-on) Intermediate Unlimited Golf Membership: $1,000
  • (Add-on) Junior Unlimited Golf Membership: $475

No restrictions to play, 2 cart plan options, $20 off guest fees, account with signing privileges, 10% off Golf Shop purchases, unlimited practice.

Weekday Golf Membership: $2,295 for unlimited weekday play

  • (Add-on) Spousal Weekday Golf Membership: $1,150
  • (Add-on) Intermediate Weekday Golf Membership: $800
  • (Add-on) Junior Weekday Golf Membership: $375

Unlimited play on weekdays, 2 cart plan options, $15 off guest fees, account with signing privileges, unlimited practice.

For more information about our 2014 Memberships or Add-on Memberships please contact: Bob Culig, Head Professional (905) 384-4653 Ext. 222; bob@grandniagaragolf.com

Bob Culig’s Tip on Chipping & Pitching

Studies show that 70% of this great game we play is played from 100 yards and in. How many people do you know commit 70%, 50% or even 10% towards practicing their short game? Pitching, chipping and bump and run; the names will vary but the goal is still the same – get it up and down.

Golfers who excel and are successful around the greens share common traits like proper stance, balance and club selection. But the most important trait is that all short shots (regardless of pitching, chipping, bump and run) will be hit with an accelerated motion. Acceleration through the ball with a limited backswing and a follow-through that continues to the desired target is the key to success around the greens. In setting up, keep a narrowed stance, have the ball middle to back in the stance and shift your weight slightly forward; regardless of the lie and the position relative to the pin, all short shots require an accelerated move through the ball!

Golfers who are confident in their short game technique will always find different ways to score and make the game easier for themselves.

We hope to see you practicing this at the Club very soon.

Bob Culig PGA, Head Golf Professional

Grand Niagara GC’s Property Manager, John Taylor

“My parents were life members at our local club, Twenty Valley G&CC in Vineland, so I started hanging around the golf course at a very young age. At 15, I got a job cleaning clubs in the back shop, which then progressed to working on the course. After finishing high school I enrolled in a 2 year diploma program at Seneca College called Golf Course Technician. After my first year of college I was promoted to Assistant Superintendent and after graduating I was promoted to Head Superintendent at 19, a very rapid progression!

After learning my trade by trial and error for 18 years at Twenty Valley, I decided it was time to move on. An opportunity came along to finish the grow-in and open a new Graham Cooke designed facility in Welland called Hunters Pointe GC. After 8 seasons there, opportunity knocked again to move to the Rees Jones designed Grand Niagara GC which was an easy decision on my part to become a part of the best course in Niagara.

Over the years I have always been a part of our Superintendents organizations, becoming President of the Ontario Golf Superintendents Association in 1995. I am currently serving as President of the Western Ontario Golf Superintendents Association. For the past 10 falls I have also taught Golf Course Architecture at Niagara College as part of the Professional Golf Management Program.

My job is very enjoyable coming to work every day at a great facility and working with people that want our product to be the best it can be. Our goal here at Grand Niagara is simple, to provide the best possible playing conditions every day for our members and guests; a job that can be very challenging when having to deal with all the curves that Mother Nature constantly throws at us.”

John Taylor, Property Manager

Rules of Golf: Test Your Knowledge

“Stakes Defining Margins”

Question 1: In the top photo the ball is touching the red stake;

  1. Is it in the lateral water hazard?
  2. May the player remove the red stake to play his ball?
  3. If the stake is removed, is the hole the stake was in a “hole made by a green keeper” and thus ground under repair?

Answer 1:
  1. Yes, as part of the ball is touching the stake it is in the hazard.
  2. Yes, stakes used to define the margin of or identify a water hazard are obstructions and may be removed, providing to do so does not take unreasonable effort.
  3. Yes, however such a hole is in the water hazard and a player is not entitled to relief from ground under repair in a water hazard.

Question 2: In the bottom photo the ball is touching the Out of Bounds stake;
  1. Is it out of bounds?
  2. May the player remove the white stake to play his ball?
  3. May the player stand out of bounds to play a ball that is within bounds?

Answer 2:
  1. No, a ball is only out of bounds when all of it lies out of bounds
  2. No, stakes identifying out of bounds are not obstructions and are deemed to be fixed.
  3. Yes, a player may stand out of bounds to play a ball lying within bounds.

Kevin Poole, Director of Golf

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