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Grand Niagara G.C. News

Previous Events: On July 30, we hosted the Niagara Junior Golf Tour. Some fantastic golf was played and the juniors had a great time. Click here to see the results.

Upcoming Schedule: On August 26, 80 golfers are teeing off in the Ontario Golf Superintendents Field Day. August 28, we are hosting the Adolescent’s Family Support Services of Niagara Event. September 3, 80 golfers are competing in the GTA Amateur Tour. From August 31 to September 2, we are running our Labour Day Long Weekend Special.

Labour Day Long Weekend Special $95 includes green fee, golf cart, driving range/putting green and our Famous Grilled NY Steak Sandwich with sautéed onions and sweet peppers; or $89 includes all mentioned with no lunch special.

**Bring this newsletter into the Grand Niagara Pro Shop and receive $15 off rounds starting after 1:00pm!**

Riverside Grill's Chef Mark Hand

Most of you know what a great staff we have at the Riverside Grill. Under Tabi’s direction the girls go above and beyond to try to make your experience at the Grand Niagara as good as can be. But what about the kitchen? Who’s running the show?

Well, truth be told I, Chef J. Mark Hand C.C.C. (Certified Chef de Cuisine, Canada’s highest accreditation for Chefs) am! In fact, I’m the guy held accountable for our entire food & beverage operation.

My career highlights include opening many renowned Niagara establishments such as On The Twenty, AG, The Deck at Creekside by J Mark, The Niagara Culinary Institute at Niagara College where I was the Executive Chef for 10 years, and Hospitality on Hand a catering and consulting company. I have travelled to teach, talk and compete all over the world including Tokyo, San Francisco and New Orleans. Three years ago I joined the great team here at the Grand Niagara GC.

Every day we strive to make simple food as delicious as we can for you at the Riverside Grill. I hope we’re doing OK, Bon Appetite!

Chef Mark Hand, Food & Beverage Director

Bob Culig’s Tip on Adding Extra Distance

“Grip it and rip it” – a phrase made famous by one John Daly. Ever since Long John broke onto the scene with his win at the PGA Championship, the goal to hit it further has become common place in the world of golf.

When instructing my pupils, the question I get all the time is “how can I hit it farther?” Here are a couple tips to try on the range. First, balance is key! A strong stable base with a little bit wider stance should be maintained throughout the golf swing as power is generated from your legs and lower core muscles. Second, think follow-through! By allowing the club to travel through the ball towards the target, extra speed will be generated in the down swing. Finishing the swing nice and long with speed instead of hitting the ball and slowing down soon after will surely help in getting extra distance.

Give these tips a try on the driving range and expect some quick results!

Bob Culig PGA, Head Golf Professional

Course Conditions

One word golfers hate is “aeration”. A statement often heard around the golf course this time of year is “why are they aerating, the greens are perfect.” Unfortunately, aeration is a necessary evil that is done for several reasons which include: relieving compaction, allowing air, water and nutrients to get into the rootzone, to build a stronger root system, to help control thatch accumulation and to alter rootzone material.

A major challenge a golf course Turf Manager faces is balancing the needs of healthy turf-grass with the needs of optimizing as much playing time and maintaining quality playing conditions in an already short golf season. Aeration of Bentgrass greens, tees and fairways like we have at Grand Niagara is best performed in August as the temperatures have cooled a little so the turf is under less stress and growing conditions are very favourable. Remember the statement “short-term pain for long-term gain”? Aeration performed well and at the right time of the year will heal quickly and provide improved playing conditions for the rest of the golf season.

John Taylor, Property Manager

Rules of Golf

“Striking the ball more than once: Rule 14-4”

Swede Peter Hanson won his third European Tour title in Majorca despite having incurred a one stroke penalty for a double hit during his final round. A slow motion television camera caught the fact that Hanson clipped his chip on the 12th hole a second time.

Click here to see the double hit chip.

Hansen was penalized under Rule 14-4 which states “if a player’s club strikes the ball more than once in the course of a stroke, the player must count the stroke and add a penalty stroke, making two strokes in all.”

Kevin Poole, Director of Golf

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