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Grand Niagara G.C. News

Past Events: The Titleist Demo Day was just what the doctor ordered for a number of golfers who left the range with a new club and a smile. A great time was had by everyone over the Canada Day Long Weekend. The weather, food and golf were fantastic!

Coming Events: July 19 to 20, Scotty Cameron Collector’s Canadian Convention Event. Visitors from all points of Canada and the Eastern U.S. come to Niagara Falls annually to share their Scotty Cameron collection of putters, accessories and more. We are proud to be the host of this distinguished event.

Riverside Grill

It appears that summer is finally here (Someone knock on an old 1-wood)! So I have some suggestions to make a great day of golf even better. When you finish your round don’t get into that hot vehicle, come and see us in the Riverside Grill. Let our girls tell you about our refreshing beverages and delicious food. Sit outside on the patio, enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of the river and watch the groups tee off on the 10th hole as you relax.

Try something new! We are thrilled to finally have Magners Pear Cider on tap. There might not be a better summer refresher than this Irish beauty!

Chef Mark Hand, Food & Beverage Director

Bob Culig’s Tip on Shaping the Ball

Technology in golf has changed the way we play the game. With graphite shafts, weighted composite driver heads and three-piece balls, the art of shaping the golf ball is becoming a lost art form. However, to play great golf, shaping the ball is still a necessary and vital aspect of the game.

Before you make a swing, your stance, grip and ball position play a huge role in shaping the ball. By moving the ball back towards the middle of a closed stance and by making your top hand stronger, you are able to release the club easier. This will allow you to draw or hook the ball. Similarly, by moving the ball up towards the front foot of an open stance and by weakening your top hand, you are preventing yourself from releasing the club causing your ball to fade or cut.

Experiment and practice! Look forward to seeing you on the range.

Bob Culig PGA, Head Golf Professional

Rules of Golf

On the 17th hole of his third round at the WGC Championship, Tiger Woods’ golf ball got stuck in one of the palm trees lining the fairway (Click here to watch it unfold).

In this scenario, the player needs to positively identify the golf ball before doing anything else. If the player sees “a ball” but cannot make out a marking on the ball that would indicate it is “their ball”, they have to treat their ball as lost and proceed under penalty of stroke and distance. The use of binoculars to try to identify the ball is legal or the ball can be identified by the testimony of a spectator who saw where the ball ended up.

Having identified the ball, the player is now given 4 options. 1) Play the ball out of the tree. 2) Drop a ball within 2 club-lengths immediately below where the ball lay in the tree with a 1 stroke penalty. 3) Go as far back as you like keeping the point directly between the flag stick and where the ball is stuck with a 1 stroke penalty. 4) Go back to where the last ball was played from and drop with a 1 stroke penalty.

Kevin Poole, Director of Golf

Niagara Region News

Wednesday June 26 was a very big day in the process to significantly improve the health care for the Niagara Region’s residents and visitors with the unveiling of the location for the proposed new Hospital. Mayor Diodati introduced the various dignitaries and Grassl family who generously donated the lands.

Congratulations to everyone involved in making this happen!

Click here to see the unveiling.

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