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Grand Niagara G.C. News

On May 27, we held the Niagara Senior Ladies Event. Under sunny skies and with great food and drinks, the 147 participants had a great time on and off the course. On June 3, we hosted the Golf Channel AmTour. The field enjoyed a professional event setting and are looking forward to coming back in 2014.

Coming Events: June 9 Golftown Am. Series, June 13 - 14 Joseph Brant Hospital Charity Event, June 18 Friends of Mainstream Golf Classic, June 21 Prime Time Money/Knights of Columbus Charity Event, June 22 Titleist Demo Day 11:00am - 3:00pm.

**Father’s Day Weekend Special** June 15 - 16, $95.00 for 18 holes (Including cart, driving range) & lunch special! Click here for details.

Riverside Grill

That beautiful day of the year when we, as Fathers, are allowed to do whatever we want with no strings attached is drawing near. Sunday June 16 is Father’s Day, but we are celebrating all weekend long with a great deal that includes my “Famous Grilled New York Sandwich” with sautéed onions and sweet peppers. That sounded so good when writing that, I made one and took a picture!

One more amazing deal for you, bring in a picture of you and your Dad and we’ll give you $4.00 off pitchers of beer! Ah Father’s Day, bless us all!

Chef Mark Hand, Food & Beverage Director

Bob Culig’s Putting Tip

At least one third of this great game is spent trying to get the ball into the hole with the flat-stick. Three simple things will make you a better putter. 1) Equipment: Choose the right putter. Proper length, lie angle and grip should be customized to fit you and allow you to be comfortable before making your stroke. 2) Have your eyes very near to or directly over the golf ball - all good players do this. 3) Keep your head steady throughout the entire stroke. Many a putt has been missed when you peak!

For a good putting primer, I invite you to visit any of the three PGA Professionals at the Grand Niagara Golf Club.

Bob Culig PGA, Head Golf Professional

Rules of Golf

If your ball is found, or virtually certain to be in the water hazard you are under penalty of one stroke. You may:

  1. Drop a ball as near as possible to the spot from which the original ball was last played.
  2. Drop a ball behind the water hazard, keeping the point at which the original ball last crossed the hazard directly between the hole and the spot where the ball is dropped.
  3. If it is a lateral water hazard, drop a ball within two crossed the club-lengths no nearer to the hole from where the ball hazard or theopposite side of the hazard equidistant from the hole.
A fourth option also exists - the player may play the ball out of the hazard if possible. If you elect to play the shot, please don’t go the route of PGA Tour player Henrik Stenson in the ‘09 CA Championship. Hear from him on what happened, Click here!

Kevin Poole, Director of Golf

Course Conditions

ScoreGolf’s TSN production of Golf Destination Niagara Falls featuring the Grand Niagara Golf Club entitled “A Grand Experience” is now available to view online, Click here!

During the show, Host Bob Weeks stated, “You would be hard pressed to find a better conditioned golf course than this track. The greens are consistently in immaculate form.” We take great pride in our course conditions and would like to thank all of our members and guests who do the little things to keep the course looking and playing great.

John Taylor, Property Manager

Bring this Grand Report Newsletter into the Pro Shop and receive a free range day pass!